Learning languages

« Les Amitiès Belgo-polonaises » a.s.b.l. is a non-profit association which acts in Brussels mainly for the Polish and people of Polish origin (there is a smaller demand from other foreign nationalities). For some years already, it has also collaborated with the Polish Culture and Education Centre MAGADOM Plus. 

The main goal of the organisation is to help with studying foreign languages: French, English and Spanish for children and adults living in Brussels and its surroundings. We also teach Polish, Russian and Dutch but usually the demand is smaller. 

For children, we propose “French or English in action” – group activities to get your child closer to the language using plays, sketches, songs etc. 

Our recent project is about organizing help with homework for foreign children who usually have fewer chances or possibilities to get help from their parents. 

For adults, we offer group courses of French or English with the help of the Polish Culture and Education Centre MAGADOM Plus, situated in Laeken district. We are always open to any cooperation that might be offered by other organisations having the common purpose. 

Most of our courses are individual, mainly at students’ homes where we can adapt to their level, requirements and needs. 

A new type of courses is French and English in hypnosis: a student is taken to a very nice state of deep relaxation (trans) and the material of the language is ‘encoded’ into his or her brain. This state facilitates concentration, memorizing and accelerates the whole process of studying. 

We have a large range of multi-lingual professors, of Polish origin but also native speakers. 

Another activity to recommend is the professional organization of birthdays or other feasts for children. The animator proposes and follows plays and activities in multilingual environment using Polish, English, French etc… (see the gallery of photos).